A Pass with Class - "Make learning to drive fun! "
It's never too late....
Learning to drive can be done at any age..  Most people start to learn at 17 but for many reasons are unable to complete their training and often never return for many years after.
Are you someone who is scared to make that call as you maybe had a bad experience first time round ?
Do you stand at the bus stop in the pouring rain thinking "If only I had stuck  with my lessons"?
Are you now a parent who has a teenage son or daughter who are learning and you wish that was you ?
Let me change all that today !
You can call, text or email me and you owe it to yourself to at least give it one more go............
Contact me.......
07899 855 394
01333 309 351
There is no pressure, come and try a couple of lessons and I bet you feel different about things this time :)
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