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Mobile Phones
  PLEASE WATCH THIS !!!!!  http://sfglo.be/pv     
Studies have been done to assess drivers reactions, concentration levels,          observational skills and visual behaviour whilst talking on a hands free mobile.  They were compared with studies done whilst drivers talked to a passengers and used vehicles ancillary controls  e.g  wipers, fans etc.
Results show it is more dangerous to talk on a hands free than to talk to a passenger.
Remember a driver can still be prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act (1988) sections 2 and 3, if they fail to maintain proper control of their vehicle.
THINK !  Is it really vital to take or make that call ? 
Studies have shown that 45% of Drivers text whilst driving a motor vehicle.
The human brain reacts 35% slower to any situation whilst a driver is texting !
DON'T put yourself and your passengers at risk for the sake of sending or reading a message.
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