A Pass with Class - "Make learning to drive fun! "
The Driving Test......
Your Driving Test will last about 40 minutes
You will be asked 1 Show Me & 1 Tell Me question.
You will drive on a variety of roads.
You will be asked to follow the road ahead unless road signs direct you otherwise. 
If the examiner requires you to change direction they will ask you to do so in plenty of time.
You will be asked to perform 1 of the 4 reverse manoeuvres. 
Only 1 in 3 test candidates will be asked to perform the Emergency Stop and there will be an Independent Drive.
The Extended Test....
The format for the Extended Test is similar to the test above but lasts around 60 minutes. 
As the test is longer this allows the examiner to assess your driving over a wider area, taking in Dual Carriageways, Town and Rural Roads.
My advice is always to do some training with a DSA Approved Instructor prior to this test as most drivers will have developed many bad habits prior to the loss of their licence.
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