A Pass with Class - "Make learning to drive fun! "
The Car Theory Test consists of two sections...
The question section is multiple choice.
The pass mark is 43 or above.
You will be tested  on a variety of subjects including , Signs, Laws of the road, vehicle maintenance, attitude, vulnerable road users and many more......  The best way to obtain a pass isn't rocket science.... JUST STUDY !
Friends will tell you they passed without doing any studying as it's all "common sense". Common sense plays a part in being a driver but if that was the only knowledge required then it would be pointless having a Theory Test  so  STUDY :)
The second part is a Hazard Perception Test.  You will be shown 14 clips each containing 1 developing hazard, one of the 14 clips will have 2 developing hazards.
The pass mark is 44 out of 75.
Both sections of the Theory Test must be passed at the same time. 
If you are unsuccessful in one sections then you will need to resit both
Click on the links to find out more.
If you are a pupil with me please ask about the study material mentioned......
The best way to learn is to do regular periods of about 15 to 20 minutes. Every day if possible....
Don't sit for hours on end as your brain will switch off and it becomes wasted time.
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