A Pass with Class - "Make learning to drive fun! "
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Would you help this man ?
This shocking video was released by a leading comparison website to highlight the Dangers of Drink Driving.
The 90 second video released by Confused shows an actor pretending to be drunk and asking passers-by to help him into his car.
Of 50 people asked by the man, only 8 refused to help him, and only one confiscated his keys and called the police.
More than two thirds actually helped the man into his car, and yet more people walked by despite him obviously attempting to get in and drive his car while drunk.
A Confused representative said " Our video shows just how many people are willing to permit drink driving, or turn a blind eye to it."
The video is a hopefully  shocking way to remind people that DRINK DRIVING KILLS and that in many cases it can be stopped.
By preventing friends and family from driving under the influence of alcohol, you could save a life..........
So.... Would you help this man ?
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